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LOL Ellen
She’s talking about Ashton all the time and how she wants him to die and catch cancer and I just wanna pull her fucking hair out I hate her

I don’t believe that I have an eating disorder it’s just I can’t eat a whole meal like I use to and sometimes it makes me wanna vomit because I can’t finish the meal so I have to drink fluids to eat now


i hate having crushes as much as i love having crushes

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ppl from california who never stop talking about california…..and in n out burger….and weed…..and the beach……….speed up those tectonic plates and just become an island already….no one cares

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Thoughts kill

omg people are getting me upset with this “magcon family” things like they werent even a real things they made stupid videos and acted as if they were famous and now there like oh were going our separate ways like stfu u act like you had life long careers and there is no family